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Your apartment in Innsbruck 

From each of our apartments in Innsbruck we look out onto the mountains that surround this city of sport and culture. At the same time you are living in the middle of Nature and from your holiday apartment you start out for the dense network of woods above Innsbruck. That is very convenient for you. We ourselves also live in the same house and that is another advantage for you because it makes us readily available if you have any questions.

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Each apartment has its own character. So we will introduce all of them briefly. With a click on  the apartment name or over  "Navigator" you go to the left to the full details of each apartment.

Apartment 1: 

In Apartment 1,  you feel happiest of all. In the 22 square meters you find all you need for your holiday well-being: a cushy double bed, a small kitchen and a cosy kitchen seating unit.

Apartment 2:

Do you know the wild oak tree that lends its name to this apartment? This sort of oak impresses with its marked but delicate grain and is the main feature in our own ground floor flat.

Apartment 3:

The "Badetraum" apartment  is both elegant and comfortable. In addition to the shower it features a bath tub. Our recommendation: a nice, hot bath after a sporty day outside.

Apartment 3b:

The dark wooden floor in apartment 3a helps you feel grounded and the white, minimal kitchen gives the room a calm atmosphere. The interplay of various types of wood and off-white fabrics playfully create a connection between traditional and modern elements – a good foundation for a recreative stay at the Kasperhof.

Booking option 4:

The booking option 4 is perfect for your holidays with a big family or dear friends as well as for those who loves to have a lot of space. A connecting door combines apartment 4a and 4b, accommodating up to 8 people.

From the south-facing balcony you enjoy the view to two of Innsbruck's most famous mountain peaks, the "Nockspitze" and the "Kalkögel". From the west-facing balcony you can see the impressive rock walls of the "Nordkette". For further details please refer to the descriptions of the two apartments.

Apartment 4a:

The view over the lush forests of the "Nockspitze" and the "Patscherkofel" has a calming effect on the beholder. But that's not the reason why we named this apartment "Waldkönig" (King of the forest). When you look closely, you can find a majestic red deer on a handmade tile on the apartment's stove. By the way: Small groups of deer tend to visit our meadows behind the house. Maybe you will spot some at dawn.

This apartment has a connecting door to apartment 4b. (See booking option 4 as well.)

Apartment 4b:

If you are lucky, you can spot climbers or even chamois in the steep rock face behind the house from the west-facing balcony of this apartment. Quite certainly you will discover a beautiful ibex in the apartment – on one of the tiles of the apartment's stove, handmade by a local artist.

This apartment has a connecting door to apartment 4a. (See booking option 4 as well.)

Apartment 5:

Did you know that Swiss stone pinewood ("Zirben") not only has a wonderful aroma but also helps you sleep better and even reduces the heart rate? That is what makes it the right choice for all those wanting to catch up with a few hours of sleep...

Apartment 6:

The first rays of sunlight await you in the bathroom of our "Morning Sun" apartment. If you would like to, you could take a chair and greet the sun on the veranda with a view of the majestic Nordkette mountains.

Apartment 7:

Thanks to the south-facing balcony and the spacious west veranda you can enjoy  the sunshine all day long in the "Fresh Air" apartment. Our tip is to take a glass of wine and watch the sun set in the Tyrolean Highlands - always a truly  beautiful experience, which is now even more spectacular (and in winter definitely warmer than before) due to its outdoor jacuzzi. The well hidden jacuzzi is exclusively open to guests staying in apartment 7.

Apartment 8

The „Kasperhof Loft“ welcomes you with homey recycled wood and a wonderful view over the city. Big sliding windows open up the bedroom and the kitchen/living room to the spacious rooftop. This way you can watch the sunrise in your bed or enjoy your first cup of coffee outside - or both. In the evening, the bathtub transforms your bathroom into a private little spa.

Apartment 9

Free, open, spacious – as well as cosy and warm. The apartment „Wintergarten“ features floor-to-ceiling windows with stone pine frames on the south and west side. Remote controlled window shades enable you to tailor the insolation to your preferences and time of the day.

Below you can find all the rest of the information on your apartment, the common rooms (e.g. the washroom and ski cellar), and everything you need to know about your arrival and departure.