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Active Stables for Horses

Our Active Stables – for Happy, Healthy Horses

Plenty of space for the well-being of your horse:

Active horse stables focus on the well-being of the horses in the herd and give them more freedom and exercise than conventional horse stables. In addition, owners do not have to necessarily ride their horse every single day, as they exercise each and every day in the stables. The first time we even read about this revolutionary new stable to improve the horses life, we knew straight away that this was what we wanted to do at the Kasperhof. Since 2013, we proudly welcome all horses & owners to enjoy the many advantages of our new active stables.

Plenty of exercise and natural feeding:

Horses are herd animals and are not happy in a lonely stable. In addition, they lack exercise and regular feeding times are not the natural way for horses to feed. Even when we feed them 2-3 times per day, it does not necessarily imitate natural feeding habits in the wild. To address these issues, active horse stables have made changes to ensure maximal well-being for every horse in the stable or herd.

Most important improvements: 


  • All horses can freely move around and go to common feeding stations and sheltered areas. This added freedom allows all horses to exercise approximately 20 times more compared to a conventional horse stable, keeping the horses in the herd fitter and healthier.

  • Considering horses are grazing herd animals, they regularly eat small amounts of food. A chip in the mane of the horse regulates the amount of hay and horse-feed the horse receives hourly within a 24-hour period. For snacks in-between the horses additionally can graze at the hay rack in the centre of the active stables.

  • Horses spend the entire year outdoors, while always having the option of retreating to the sheltered parts of the stables. After riding during winter, your horse can enjoy warming up in our special solarium for horses.


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Layout of our active horse stables including technical details & further information available here:

Layout Kasperhof Active Horse Stables 


Riders are assigned a locker and plenty of space to store their saddle as well as a feed box for your convenience.

Horse related Information Kasperhof


Further information regarding active horse stables is available via "HIT Aktivstall". We are happy to personally advise if you are interested in considering this revolutionary new stable as a the new home for your horse in Innsbruck: +43 664 3168277. Or simply send us an enquiry and we will call you back.

From the city straight into nature behind the Kasperhof:

The bus station "Leonhardweg" on the "Line H" is only about 1 minute from the Kasperhof. In case you prefer driving, we offer plenty of parking space right at our stables. Right behind our stables, without needing to use any asphalted roads with traffic, riders can follow the forest path straight into the forest above Innsbruck to enjoy their hack.


Personally answering any questions you may have regarding placement in our active horse stables for your horse: Tel. +43 664 3168277

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